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Years of telematics experience

Years of telecom experience

Years of Mobile App Development experience

InfrapediaSolutions provides expert analysts and development teams, who translate corporate strategies into creative, robust, and cost-effective systems that leverage a client’s unique competitive advantage resulting in shorter time-to-market cycles. We also offer complete outsourcing solutions from software development to after development mission-critical-level support.

InfrapediaSolutions is a global consulting and IT services company specializing in the following practice areas:

  • Telematics.
  • Telecom.
  • Mobile app development.

We aim to assist our customers in refining and automating their business processes thus reducing cost and improving services and returns. We grow with our customers.

Enterprise automation

We rebuild and automate complex/legacy systems involving multiple stakeholders and integrated systems. These systems are more dynamic, user-friendly and based on advance technologies. We are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity.

Client-centric development

Leverage from our more than 30 years expertise for digitalization, business-critical solutioning and cross-domain development – all to drive value and move you ahead of your competition. We know how to deliver customer focused comprehensive web and mobile experiences.

Scope-driven delivery

High predictability of product releases and the milestones. We estimate real-time project health and go for early risk assessment. Dedicated project/delivery managers for quick customization and speedy delivery.


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* Full-Fleet visibility via GPS
* Real-Time communication
* Actionable driver data reports
* Asset management
* Cloud-Based infrastructure

Mobile App Development

* Usability
* Real-Time tracking
* Real-Time notification
* Analytics
* Augmented Reality


* Secure communication
* Continuous availability
* Scalability
* Analytics
* 24/7 support


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We integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) into a state-of-the-art enterprise tracking system called (Geographic Operations & Logistics Dashboard) GOLDbus. This system has come to fruition after intense collaboration with clients and industry experts who are committed to make positive change in their communities through Geographic Information System (GIS). Based on open architecture, GOLDbus provides highly flexible and integrated framework that can be implemented on various platforms.

It is actively focused on various business areas:
• School Buses and Students Tracking
• Special Needs and Handicapped Citizens
• Secure vehicle Tracking
• Prison Systems
• Border Patrol
• Transportation Authorities
• Assets management and tracking.


The EDULOG STARS is a satellite based tracking system that monitors out-of-sight vehicle and driver activity. With a high resolution perspective of exactly how safe is vehicle and student on the field, the EDULOG STARS system is now in the position to facilitate, by means of providing direction of the pathway to word the destination. With the use of satellite tracking technology (GPS) data downloading via LMU and ID reader software services makes EDULOG STARS application powerful and easy to use, all that you need to know about your assets (vehicle, student) when they are out of sight is at your fingertips. Edulog can help you in,

• Real-time fleet management, including service reminders and late arrivals
• Fleet cost reduction thanks to route planning and optimization
• Fuel consumption control
• Vehicle maintenance alerts that rest on OBD II data
• Driving behavior monitoring


Epsilon is the e-Commerce development framework that is highly flexible and customizable out-of-the-box software. Epsilon is an enhanced implementation of aspdotnetStoreFront.

Storefront is a complete e-commerce solution providing products display and review capabilities, shopping cart, order confirmations, promotions, order tracking, xml packages, order shipment calculations and much more.


A social networking site where the US residents can search for the nearest instructors, teachers, or professionals. The addresses of all the instructors are displayed on the Google maps, so a student may decide from which instructor to take tuition.

Having integrated with facebook and twitter, wigwag is an online community where the U.S. users can look for the teachers of their fields of interests and the professionals can share their own experiences.

BAKER (Business Activity & Knowledge Enterprise Routing)

Efficient communication and integration between multiple enterprise grade systems and applications can be handled through our middleware application. This application provides all the back-end support to the front-end Storefront application.

Weaving together Web services to create cross-organizational business processes require all partners to program to the same standard model and to avoid exposing proprietary implementations.

Maintenance Express

Maintenance Express is a Windows application that allows you to backup & maintain the Microsoft SQL Express Server databases running on your computer or network. It takes advantage of the embedded capabilities in SQL Express SMO to provide maintenance functionality.

it has a user-friendly web interface that helps you to create, scheduled, and maintenance database tasks. you can monitor your database performance on the go and task appropriate actions real-time.


SIGMA is a platform design to provide a central dashboard to multiple independent systems running at Comcast for their specific business module. SIGMA is extremely scalable, it can run multiple instances of a same behavior or aggregate multiple behaviors into one.

SIGMA is designed as a micro service Architecture using Cloud Foundry Framework. This allows for flexibility in technology selection and system design.

SIGMA has three major components
• ETL (Extract Transform Load): Acquire data from multiple systems (ILEX, Whatsup gold etc.) and transform them it to SIGMA data structure
• Micro service APIs: Expose SIGMA
• Client Portal: Representation of SIGMA

TTU (Test and Tune Up)

The TTU is a web application to setup and manage your network devices.

Key features of TTU are,
• Connectivity with SSH servers to configure client devices and test their connectivity.
• Multiple roles to manage client devices, assign configuration tasks to technician and monitoring of scripts/commands executed on devices and much more.


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